Dr. Edmond Baker

Edmond L. Baker Jr. MD has spent the last nine years working in FQHC and rural health systems. During this time he identified several healthcare gaps that needed to be addressed. As the past Chairman of the Women’s Health Clinic at Mountain Park Health Center (MPHC) in Phoenix, Arizona, he built a robust high-risk pregnancy clinic to service the uninsured and underinsured populations. In his current role, Dr. Baker recognized that his patients who sought treatment for their Opioid Use Disorder did not have access to care. With the help of Joshua Leslie PA-C, Ascend Telemedicine was founded to treat this epidemic in a novel way. 

Dr. Baker’s non-traditional path to medicine began after serving in the US Army. He began a corporate career with E. I. duPont de Nemours, Inc. were he managed an account within the Automotive Products division. After retiring at 35 years old, he began his education at University of Michigan Medical School, then trained at the Phoenix Integrated OB/GYN Program.

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